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Privacy Notice

This policy explains what cookies are and how we use it and how to turn it off.

1. How do we use cookies We use our own cookies and third party cookies in connection to improve your browsing experience and to operate our website. Specifically, we use cookies:

It allows you to create an account, orders and payments;

Remember, if you put the items in the basket;

Remember that you were looking for, so you can quickly and easily return to your watched items before a project;

Upgrade your shopping experience.

2. What are cookies?

Cookies are small files (such as a computer, tablet or mobile phone) saved on your Internet browser. Cookies store any personal information such as credit card information, your name or date of birth.

3. What types we use cookies?
Our site uses a session cookie and persistent cookie. Sign up for a session cookie from the website until you unsubscribe from the moment of direct action. When you log off, the session cookie is deleted. Cookie is deleted not permanently after each session.

Cookie is imperative for our website, if you are disabled, you can be your experience interrupted on our site, you may not be able to use the shopping cart or payment.

Performance cookies collect anonymous visitor data. We use the information to improve for you and could see meet the future challenges of our users.

Feature Cookies make the look and feel of our site. For example, remember a function of the cookie to your username and language settings for the next visit.

Cookies for ad positioning or transferred to that advertising that is tailored to your network activity. Targeting the cookie to track your clicks, and on our website, and you can hit as shares detailed information with other organizations advertisers. These cookies can also help to measure the effectiveness of campaigns us.

Third-party cookies are used on our website by a competent authority, this website service.

4. If I turn off the cookies, what happens?

If you disable or delete cookies, you may not be able to go shopping or visit a large part of our site. For more information about cookies, including information on how to disable cookies, change your browser settings description may be online on a large scale.

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